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to happy, healthy contact lenses

Experience the magic of battery powered lens care. Get consistently clean contacts, every time.


Eyes are Important

We designed a beautiful electric case to keep your contacts happy and clean. No more excuses for bad habits with:

  • Electronic vibrations remove pesky proteins
  • Beautiful, modern design
  • FDA compliant components
  • Helpful reminders for good hygiene
  • Replacements delivered to your door

Good Habits, Delivered

Proper contact care is something often neglected. In fact, it accounts for 1 million medical visits every year. Most of us neglect this essential daily care routine, even though the consequences are extreme.

With Sonisk, there’s a better way. We designed an electronic contact case – based on research – to keep you on track for health, happy habits and keep your eyes safe. We deliver tools that simplify perfect contact use!

Sonisk Contact Case

Our modern design case incorporates a precision timed vibratory motor to perform additional cleaning of your contact lenses. With our easy to replace AA battery you’ll be good to go for a whole month.

Remove Bacteria & Viruses

Majority of people don’t change there contact lens case on schedule or rub their lenses. Bacteria over time will form biofilms on the inside of your contact case that can be very hard to remove. With a replaceable insert that we deliver every 2 months you’ll be reminded to keep your case in top notch shape and keep away the nasty biofilms that form over time that can cause serious eye infections.