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A Toothbrush is for Life (and also for Christmas)!

A Toothbrush is for Life (and also for Christmas)!

When thinking about the perfect gift for any person, it’s important to find the balance between what they want or need, and what you think they want or need! With what feels like endless options it can be easy to get caught up in the glittering consumerism of the season, but you risk wasting money on novelty items which are discarded immediately after the holidays, causing damage not only to your bank account but also to our beloved planet! Read on for our checklist of questions to ask yourself to help in choosing the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones…

Will it last?

Consumable gifts can be great as they show that you’ve thought about your recipients’ tastes - but unless they come in a special presentation box or tin, these gifts can be too short-lived, and even create longer term issues! A box of Christmas chocolates might be delicious, but it could also cause cavities and tooth decay in the long run, and that’s not really the best way to show someone you care for them! Be thoughtful with consumable goods: think about things that are healthy, and go for eco-friendly packaging!

Is it useful?

A karaoke machine can be great fun on Christmas day, but might gather dust for the rest of the year after - and with many karaoke apps available directly on our smartphones, is it really necessary to add more clutter? When thinking of the perfect gift remember to consider how much usage the recipient will get out of it - the more useful the better!

Do they already have it?

Buying someone duplicates of possessions they already own is a bit pointless, but upgrading something they love and use often can be the perfect gift! Avid readers might enjoy an e-reader rather than adding more volumes to their collection, for instance. Think about the person for whom you are buying and what they get the most use out of in their home, and then all you need to do is help them to level up!

The ideal gift

The perfect gift to cover all the above is, of course, an electric toothbrush. Will it last? Yes, absolutely - a good quality electric toothbrush lasts for years, and only needs the heads replacing, making it a long-lasting gift. Is it useful? Absolutely! Oral health is imperative for absolutely everyone, making an electric toothbrush not only the perfect gift, but a valuable one for absolutely anyone! Do they already have it? The large majority of people already have toothbrushes, but these are most often the manual kind, which eventually splay out and need replacing. An electric toothbrush is not only an improvement in terms of dental hygiene, but also reduces waste and helps to protect our planet from excessive plastic pollution! Check out our full range of Sonisk Pulse portable toothbrushes, with a wide selection of colours and extra low price point, there’s something there for everyone!

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