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Dental Health and A Happy Halloween

Dental Health and A Happy Halloween

For those of us with a predilection for sugar, Halloween is a truly magical time of year. Between fun decorations, scary movies, and costumes, it can be easy to absent-mindedly nibble on the endless candies and sweets that are floating about during this season, but beware! Some of the delicious snacks and treats that we consume are worse than others. So, rather than avoiding sugar altogether, read on to find out how to minimise the damage in your mouth whilst still enjoying your treats for a healthy and happy Halloween!

Feast on Sweets

Although it might sound contrary to logic, eating all your sugar in one sitting is actually the best thing for your teeth! Sugar sticks around in your mouth for a long time after consuming food and contributes to the formation of plaque and bacteria in your mouth, so limiting the time that your mouth is sugary is the best way to avoid having sugar in your mouth all day. Just make sure to regularly sip water to keep the sugar flushed out of your mouth as much as possible!

Wait Before Bed

Make sure to consume your chocolate and sweets with enough time to leave at least half an hour between sugary snacks and brushing your teeth! Sugar temporarily softens the enamel on the surface of your teeth, which means it is more susceptible to damage by brushing. To avoid causing abrasion to your teeth’s protective surface, eat your sugary snacks early and sip on water as you go to keep the sugar levels in your mouth low, and then brush and floss your teeth before bed as normal!

Choose Wisely

Although sugar is not overall not good for you, some sweets and chocolates are worse than others when it comes to your teeth. Sticky sweets such as caramel or taffy are not only full of sugar but also have the kind of consistency that gets stuck between your teeth and can stay there for a long time without melting. Not to mention that harder caramels can actually crack your teeth if you go fin for a bite! You’re better off choosing softer sweets or snacks that melt quickly, like chocolate, as you’ll reduce the amount of time that sugar sits on your teeth.

Steer Clear of Sour

And while we’re at it, it’s worth mentioning that sweets with sour flavouring are worse than regular sugary sweets because that delicious sour taste is made using acidic ingredients which cause havoc in your mouth! Limit your consumption of sour candy to make sure that your mouth isn’t saturated in sugars and acid.

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