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Getting Ready for International Toothache Day

Getting Ready for International Toothache Day

Happy International Toothache Day to one and all! You might be thinking that it seems counterintuitive to celebrate toothaches but, in fact, February 9th’s Toothache Day exists to spread awareness and promote good oral hygiene practices so that we can avoid toothaches! Some people think that pain is a helpful indicator and can guide us to better habits, but with regards to oral hygiene there are plenty of methods to help us think proactively and preventatively so that we won’t need a toothache telling us that something is wrong. This Toothache Day, mark the occasion by dedicating yourself to better oral hygiene habits from here on - your teeth and gums will thank you for it! Read on for inspiration about how best to spend your day!

Book An Appointment With Your Dentist

Despite being a common affliction which the majority of people suffer from at some point during their lifetime, people have been found to put off dental health appointments even when experiencing extreme discomfort, opting to treat the pain at home. But while a visit to the dentist may seem daunting, maintaining regular visits helps you to problem shoot small issues before they become big problems, and your dentist can even advise on what habits to pick up or avoid based on your individual dental health! Sit down to book your bi-yearly appointments with your dentist this February 9th and give yourself the gift of oral maintenance this year - this small action can have a big effect, and sometimes the mere act of scheduling can be an excellent motivator to commit to good oral hygiene habits!

Get Informed

International Toothache Day is a great occasion to better educate yourself on dental hygiene. Take time out of your day to read up on the best ways to brush your teeth, learn more about how foods are broken down in your mouth, or even which foods are actually beneficial to your dental health! If that’s a bit overwhelming, start small - click here to read up on what common things you might be doing to harm your teeth!

Treat Yourself

Commitment to oral health is something to be rewarded, and what better way to reward yourself than with our Sonisk Pulse Portable Toothbrush?! At only £9.99 it’s one of the cheapest electric toothbrushes on the market, which means that you can make a huge return on a small investment! Not only will you step into the future of oral hygiene with sonic waves, but with its sleek and handy travel cap you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go for a consistently healthy and sparkling smile. Check out our blog about sonic toothbrushes to find out more about how they work here

Hopefully you’re not spending this February 9th with an actual toothache, but in case you are - read up on our home remedies for toothaches here, and remember not to shy away from professional help if the problem persists!

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