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How to Get Your Smile Sparkling for Valentine’s

How to Get Your Smile Sparkling for Valentine’s

While this time of year might make you think that the most important things in life are love heart balloons, chocolates, and teddy bears, the message beneath the glitter of St. Valentine’s is all about Love - and there’s no reason that this love shouldn’t extend to self-appreciation! A sparkling white smile is not only attractive to others, but can also make you feel good about yourself - making it the perfect thing to focus on this February! So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to follow our top tips to achieving that perfectly sparkling smile!

Whiten Those Pearlies

If you’ve been considering a tooth whitening treatment, now might be the perfect time to take the plunge! Remember, though, that there are restrictions to what you can eat and drink, especially in the few days after a treatment, so if you’re planning on showing off your whitened teeth on Valentine’s it might be a good idea to get your appointment in a week or so prior! 

Seize the Opportunity

We often advise people to visit their dentist twice yearly - but if there’s no specific date defined it can be easy to push aside for other things, and forget. Why not use Valentine’s as your date marker for the first of your yearly visits? It’s a great way to ensure that your mouth is as clean and healthy as possible, and whether or not you have a big date to get to, you’ll feel better in your own body! Just remember to have another appointment six months or so later!

(Always) Stay Hydrated

Keeping well hydrated helps your saliva production, which in turn helps your mouth to stay clean and staves off bad breath, not to mention its overall benefits for your whole body - so it’s really an all-round winner! Be sure to have a glass of water alongside your meal to help clear your mouth from acidic food and drink and to keep you fresh throughout the evening! If you’re drinking alcohol, too, sipping on water has the added bonus of staving off a nasty hangover!

Maintain Regular Habits

The easiest and most important way to achieve and maintain a sparkling smile is keeping up with your regular dental hygiene routine. Making sure to brush and floss twice daily maintains your oral health by keeping your mouth clean and warding off problems such as plaque, bad breath, and gum disease - so it’s definitely worth doing regularly!

Keep it Up on the Go

Much of keeping your smile sparkling and beautiful is achievable with small maintenance activities between brushes, such as chewing on sugar-free gum to increase your saliva production. Another helpful tip is to keep a good quality portable toothbrush, such as the Sonisk Pulse, on your person when you’re out to give your teeth a quick brush after meals and drinks, especially if they’re sugary or acidic!
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