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Toothpaste in a Pinch

Toothpaste in a Pinch

Picture the scenario: you’re at the office Christmas party, having a chat over a glass of red and a few mince pies, and you notice your teeth are feeling coated and mossy. With the abundance of sweet treats and drinks available over the seasonal period, it’s easy to forget the negative impact on your teeth. Not to worry though, you’re prepared! With your trusty Sonisk portable sonic toothbrush safely tucked into your bag, you can easily pop to the bathroom and give your teeth a quick brush to get rid of the layer of sugar and acid that’s built up throughout the day. However, despite the very clever forethought in regards to the toothbrush, you’ve forgotten a key ingredient - toothpaste!

Although experts say that you’re best off using toothpaste formulated with fluoride, there are alternatives which can easily be found in even the sparsest office kitchen for a quick toothpaste substitute on the fly, which will maintain your oral health until you get home and back to your regular toothpaste. Try one of the following if you’re caught out and in urgent need of a brushing!

Baking Soda

Granted, it’s not likely to be a larder staple at the office, but as it’s the easiest and best solution out there it’s worth looking out for. If you can find some, you only need a teaspoon! Just mix with a small amount of water to form a paste and brush away.

Sea Salt

An easy find in most kitchens, sea salt helps to kill bacteria and keeps the inside of your mouth clean. Mix a small amount with water to dissolve the salt as the grains are  too abrasive for the surface of your teeth and can cause damage. Apply the salty water to your brush and go for it, just remember not to swallow!

Green Tea

Although green tea can actually stain teeth when regularly drunk, it also has useful application as a toothpaste substitute when used sparingly. Green tea naturally contains fluoride, which helps to fight off tooth decay. Try brewing some plain green tea using a small amount of water and use this to brush your teeth. 

Dry Brushing

If you’re really stuck and can’t find anything to act as a substitute, brush your teeth anyway! Both dry brushing and brushing with only water are still effective, as the physical brushing does the lion’s share of cleaning on the surface of your teeth. Brush your teeth and tongue as usual, forgoing toothpaste altogether, and simply rinse with water at the end.

Although none of the above will give you that minty fresh feeling, your mouth will be cleaner after brushing. Remember to rinse your mouth properly with water, and if you want to emulate that just-brushed feeling, try sucking on a sugar free mint! Now you’re ready to head back into the party, hear the latest office goings-on and even have a glass of eggnog. Merry Christmas!

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