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Pulse’s professional sonic toothbrush technology and portable size means great oral care on the move or at home. The antimicrobial vibrating bristles of the Sonisk Pulse toothbrush clean even hard to reach surfaces, and the neat cap keeps your toothbrush germ-free and ready to go.

  • Compact and lightweight for slipping into a travel bag or handbag
  • Antimicrobial protection and sonic technology to preserve tooth surface and prevent decay
  • Travel cap to keep your brush head dirt free
  • Smooth touch and contemporary colours
  • Changeable heads
  • Fully waterproof for safety


  • 90-day battery life
  • Anti-bacterial/anti-microbial brush
  • 31,000 sonic strokes per minute
  • AAA battery-powered (battery included)
  • Spare toothbrush head included

Sonic cleaning for sparkling teeth and healthy gums

Recommended by dentists and clinically proven

Portable and hygienic

Extra long 90-day battery life

Anti-bacterial / anti-microbial toothbrush

31,000 sonic strokes per minute