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We are Sonisk. A pioneering UK healthcare brand aiming to put the best oral care technology within everyone’s reach. We’re inspired by travel, and designing products to suit modern life. We believe in minimal fuss and the ultimate care for a refreshing feeling. 

No day is ever the same at our London HQ which, is just how we like it.  To take on the big guys in the oral care world, we're thinking and doing things differently and move at pace to make our mark. 

Our mantra is very much aligned with the Scandinavian way of life. Did you know our name comes from the Norwegian word for sonic? 


Scandinavia in particular, is where health is taken very seriously, fresh air and outdoor space are respected, and the fjords and mountains take your breath away. From the minimal and spacious design, to the soft tonal colours derived from Scandinavia's surroundings, our brand keep it's Scandi visuals at our core. 

Our in-house Dental Expert Prof. Dr Edward Lynch


“I believe that Sonisk are creating products that are disrupting the oral care industry, that has been dominated by the big boys. Their hero product, The Sonisk Pulse is the most portable, easy to use and hygienic brush available that doesn't cost a fortune!”.

Recently elected as one of the 2020 World’s Top 100 Doctors in Dentistry, Prof. Lynch was Head of Dentistry at the University of Warwick before joining UNLV as Professor and Principal Director of Biomedical and Clinical Research in the School of Dental Medicine in the University of Nevada Las Vegas. His outstanding expertise within oral care has been a tremendous source of knowledge when developing our products here at Sonisk.