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5 Things To Look For In An Electric Toothbrush

5 Things To Look For In An Electric Toothbrush

Apart from enhancing your dental health, proper oral hygiene also improves your overall well-being. When nylon toothbrushes were first introduced in the 1930s, they came with very few options. Fast forward to today, electric toothbrushes are now common. Most consumers believe that electric toothbrushes are more convenient than the manual ones. 

Studies suggest that electric toothbrushes fight plaque formation and reduce your risks of gum diseases. As a result, some dental professionals recommend electric toothbrushes for good oral hygiene. In any case, choosing the best electric toothbrush for your oral hygiene can be overwhelming to newbies. But if you know what to look for in an electric toothbrush, you should be fine.

Here are five things to consider when buying an electric toothbrush:

1. Portable & Hygienic Design

At Sonisk, we design products to suit modern life. Our electric toothbrush is travel-sized, lightweight and they look fantastic too! With proven results, our sleek design is ideal for home or away. With up to 90 days of everyday oral freshness, you can take our Sonisk Pulse toothbrush wherever life takes you. 

2. Recommended By Dentists 

Electric toothbrushes clean teeth and gums much better than a manual toothbrush, according to the findings of a new study. Scientists found that people who use an electric toothbrush have healthier gums, less tooth decay and also keep their teeth for longer, compared with those who use a manual toothbrush. As technology has developed, the cost of having an electric toothbrush has become even more affordable, with battery-powered toothbrushes such as Sonisk electric toothbrushes available for as little as £12.99! Given the advantages of electric toothbrushes, having one is an excellent investment and could really benefit the health of your mouth.

3. Antimicrobial Technology

All Sonisk toothbrushes feature added antimicrobial technology to preserve the surface and prevent degradation caused by microbial growth. The antimicrobial vibrating bristles of the Sonisk Pulse clean even hard to reach surfaces, and the neat cap keeps your brush germ free and ready to go!

4. Stroke Motion

Oscillating toothbrushes run in circles around your teeth and remove plaque from different angles. They also produce up to 7,500 brush strokes with each passing minute; this is far greater than what you usually get from manual toothbrushes. 

On the other hand, ultrasonic toothbrushes may allow you to brush your teeth at 5,000 strokes per minute. Their back-and-forth motion gives you the freedom to clean away particles with ease. However, if you have sensitive gums or you are recovering from dental procedures, you may not want to use ultrasonic toothbrushes.

5. Brush Heads

Electric toothbrushes come with various bristle textures depending on the user’s sensitivity. At Sonisk, our replacement heads come in packs of four, using DuPont Tunex Brushes for optimum cleaning! Simply replace your toothbrush head every 6 weeks for ultimate freshness. 

Thanks to the invention of electric toothbrushes, teeth-cleaning routines just got automated. The next time you want to buy an electric toothbrush, consider these top features.

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