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Dry Mouth: Facts and Tips

Dry Mouth: Facts and Tips

Everyone gets a dry mouth from time to time, but what is it, and why does it happen? Read on to find out more about dry mouth, and tips to avoid and remedy it!

What is Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth, medically known as xerostomia, is a condition that affects the flow of saliva in your mouth, and can be caused by various lifestyle and health factors such as smoking, age, or as a side-effect of some common medicines. Some foods and drinks can also temporarily cause dry mouth, or worsen a pre-existing condition, such as fruit, alcohol, and salty food.

Why is Dry Mouth Bad for You?

Saliva is the most important factor of your oral health! It not only keeps your mouth moist and helps you swallow, it also actively helps to break down food and wash acid and bacteria out of your mouth! Acid and bacteria erode the enamel on the surface of your teeth, and can cause a myriad of issues from bad breath to tooth decay, so it’s absolutely essential to make sure your saliva production is on form!



Top Tips to Get Rid of Dry Mouth: 

  1. Get Chewing

The more you chew, the more you promote saliva production in your mouth. Chewing gum is great for encouraging saliva, just make sure it’s sugar-free! As your teeth are more vulnerable when your mouth is dry, it’s important to steer clear of sugar where possible.

  1. Win with Water

The simplest, and arguably more important, way to keep moisture in your mouth is to make sure your whole body is hydrated! Sip on water throughout the day, making sure to get your full 6-8 cups. If you crave something with a bit more flavour, try adding slices of cucumber or chunks of fresh ginger to subtly enhance your water! Steer clear of adding fruit or lemon, though, as the natural sugars and acids present create bacteria in your mouth!

  1. Take a Deep Breath

…Through your nose! Breathing through your mouth acts like a fan and dries out your mouth and throat - so try to breathe through your nose where you can to lock the moisture in your mouth!

  1. Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

A regular oral hygiene routine is essential to keeping your mouth healthy, which in turn helps to make sure it can produce the saliva you need to battle bacteria. Make sure to brush and floss twice a day, and use alcohol-free mouthwash to avoid further drying out your mouth. If you’re consuming sugary or starchy snacks throughout the day, make sure to keep your Sonisk Pulse portable sonic toothbrush handy for a quick brush between meals! 

Do make sure to pay your dentist a visit if you’re finding that your mouth feels dry very often - it’s always good to rule out any underlying conditions so that you know that the lifestyle choices you’re making to keep your mouth moist are having a good effect!

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