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Top Tips for a Sparkling Smile this Summer

Top Tips for a Sparkling Smile this Summer

Summertime is a time for fun and frolics, with all the long days and warm weather - and after months of hibernating indoors, it’s hardly surprising that our routines can get a bit lost in all the excitement! As it can be challenging to remember everything you need to do while also letting loose, so we have compiled our top tips to keep your oral health routine going smoothly over summer - now that’s one less thing to worry about!

Plan Ahead

Whatever you have planned this summer, make sure to remember to pack the right dental instruments for your time away. Heading to a picnic in the park? Pack your Sonisk Pulse portable toothbrush for a quick brush after eating and drinking so that you can stay out as long as you want without feeling mossy bacteria on the surface of your teeth. Going on holiday? Make sure to take your toothbrush and toothpaste with you! While it might be tempting to wait and pick these up at your destination, it’s better not to force yourself to negotiate unknown places in search of a toothbrush, and after all they are light and easy to pack with the rest of your toiletries!

Stay Hydrated!

Making sure your body is properly hydrated is important year-round, but especially so in the hot summer months when you’re likely to lose more water to sweating. Keeping hydrated is not only good for your entire internal system, but especially so for your mouth, where it promotes saliva production which is essential for washing out acid and bacteria! It’s an easy task, just remember to bring your refillable bottle with you wherever you go and take regular sips to keep your hydration levels up!

Sun Yourself (Safely)

Despite having some harmful aspects, the sun’s rays also contain loads of vitamin D, which helps to boost your immune system and can reduce the risk of problems such as gum disease! Vitamin D is also known to be excellent for bone health, helping the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus and mineralize your teeth! The dangers of sitting out in the sun unprotected are well documented, however, so you should make sure to put on a good SPF sunscreen and not stay out in the sun too long. You should also use an SPF lip balm, as the skin on your lips is thinner and more sensitive!

Stick to Your Routine

Simpler said than done, a regular oral hygiene routine is absolutely essential to maintaining good health for your teeth and gums. Brush and floss twice a day as usual, and don’t let yourself get lazy with it! If you know you’re planning to be out, bring your portable toothbrush with you to give your teeth a quick brush before doing your full two-minute brush and floss once you’re back home.

Follow these tips to keep your mouth happy over summer, and you’ll feel the reward come winter-time, too!

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