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How To Store Electric Toothbrush

How To Store Electric Toothbrush

If you prefer an electric toothbrush to a manual toothbrush, you might be wondering how to store the toothbrush heads properly. To avoid contamination, you'll want to take some particular precautions when storing brush heads for any kind of toothbrush. You have a few options on how you do this, and you'll want to stick to those guidelines for replacing your toothbrush handle.

Travelling with an Electric Toothbrush

Store your brush in a travel case if it comes with one. 

Some electric toothbrushes have a travel case, but these models are likely to be more costly. Some cases allow you to store several heads in the case, allowing you to carry extra heads with you on a long trip to replace them when you're away.

If your electric toothbrush does not come with a travel case, you can carry it to the store to ensure that it will fit in the travel case. The travel case can also say that it suits your electric toothbrush model if you have a popular electric toothbrush model.

Buy a toothbrush that comes with a travel cap. 

Some electric toothbrushes come with a snap-on cap instead of a travel case to keep the bristles clean when traveling. Simply remove the cap before using and leave it off for long enough afterward to allow your bristles to dry.

The Sonisk Pulse electric toothbrushes come with a travel cap to keep your brush head dirt free! To shop, click here.

Storing Multiple Heads at Home

Let your brush heads air dry in an upright position. 

Drying your brush head in the open air will help protect you from germs by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms better than closed containers.

Therefore, it is important to avoid storing your brush in a cabinet or other enclosed container that restricts air flow. Your brush will stay moist for longer, potentially allowing bacteria to develop. If you are wondering where it is best to store your toothbrush, you can keep them sitting up right on countertops, by the sink, or in holder pockets on the wall.

Keep your toothbrush head 1 metre away from the toilet. 

When a toilet is flushed, germs spread via an aerosol effect. If you don't close the toilet lid before every flush, you'll want to keep your toothbrush as far away from these germs in the air as possible. If your bathroom is tiny, keep your toothbrush on a counter in the hallway or bedroom to keep it out of the way of the toilet.

Buy a special electric toothbrush head stand for a simple choice. 

If you are struggling to find a place in the bathroom to store your toothbrush, it may be worthwhile investing in an electric toothbrush stand which holds all major brands of toothbrush heads securely upside down. You can find loads on Amazon

Use a shallow glass or jar to avoid spending extra money. 

To store your electric toothbrush heads, use a small glass or container that you already have. If you're keeping several brush heads in each container, make sure to keep each brush head separate from the others. Individual electric brush heads may be stored in baby food jars. Paint or stickers may be used to personalize them!

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