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Keeping Fresh at Festivals

Keeping Fresh at Festivals

Festival season is upon us! Between gearing up to see your favourite band and organising your best festival attire, everything looks rosy from the comfort of home - once you get onsite, however, it’s a different story. Mud, dust, camping, and portaloos are all a part of the fun, but can get in the way of maintaining basic hygiene. However, your hygiene doesn’t have to take a big hit, as long as you have your solutions handy you can keep clean throughout the weekend! Read on for our ultimate festival hygiene tips!

Shower Substitutes

If you’re lucky, there might be a shower or hose you can jump under - but with all the surrounding dirt, you’re likely to get as filthy as you were before the shower in the immediate five minutes after. A great solution to this is body and face wipes, which clean off surface grime and keep your skin smelling fresh. Make sure to get the biodegradable kind - the last thing a festival needs is more rubbish fouling up the environment! 

Dry Shampoo

If your hair tends to get a bit greasy or grimy, dry shampoo is your best friend at a festival. Just spray it in and shake out - it’s as easy as that! Dry shampoo avoids you having to get your whole head wet, which is especially good on cloudier or cooler days when walking around with wet hair is less than ideal. Dry shampoo also has the added benefit of volumising hair, so you can even get more creative with your styling!

Portaloo Problems

There’s no avoiding the dreaded portaloo unfortunately, but there are ways to make it a less grim experience! The most important thing is to bring your own supply of loo roll, as this is often mysteriously missing in festival toilets. And since hand-washing stations aren’t always available, you’re also best off bringing a bottle of sanitiser to keep your hands clean and bacteria free after freeing yourself from the portaloos!

Breathe Easy

Snacking, drinking and smoking are rife at festivals and with a lack of proper facilities can cause one major issue - bad breath! Thankfully there are two easy and highly effective solutions to this. The first is mouthwash! Every time your mouth feels less than fresh, give it a swill for an instant refresh. The second is to make sure you have your Sonisk Pulse portable sonic toothbrush in tow! The Sonisk Pulse is AAA battery-powered, so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet for a recharge, and comes with an antimicrobial travel cap which keeps it safe from dirt and hygienic to use over and over. Brush your teeth when you wake up and again before going to sleep and you’ll notice a huge difference in your freshness!

As long as you pack these all-important things, you should be able to maintain a degree of freshness throughout the weekend, so you can concentrate on what really matters - having a good time!

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