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Top Tips for Dental Hygiene on Holiday | Sonisk Pulse Portable Toothbrush

Top Tips for Dental Hygiene on Holiday

The skies have finally reopened, the weather is heating up, and many of us are understandably raring to get out and go on holiday as soon as possible - which means we’re all the more likely to forget something essential in our rush to get going! Although dental hygiene is a part of our daily lives, it can sometimes be deprioritised when thinking about travels, but for the sake of healthy and happy teeth and gums it's important to be prepared! Read on to find out our essential oral hygiene holiday guide so that you can smile with ease in all your holiday snaps!

  1. Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

While you can get a new one fairly easily wherever you go, you don’t want this to be an immediate priority on landing at your destination! Toothbrushes aren’t heavy items, so there isn’t much benefit to leaving them behind. If you know that you’ll be on the move and are concerned about the hygiene of keeping a toothbrush loose in your washbag, consider investing in a Sonisk Pulse sonic travel toothbrush - the hygienic travel cap has antimicrobial properties to keep in clean, and you don’t even need a mains charge to keep it working!

  1. Water is a Winner

It’s easy to get dehydrated on holiday, especially if you’re carrying a lot or walking around in the hot sun, so make sure you’re staying hydrated! Drinking water is especially important if you’re snacking a lot or drinking sugary drinks, as it helps to wash away acid and bacteria in the mouth. Water is not only good for your teeth and gums, but for your whole body, so you have every reason to ensure that you’re regularly sipping on it!

  1. See Your Dentist Before You Travel

As well as your scheduled visits twice a year, it’s always a good idea to have a quick checkup at the dentist before you jet. This is partly to make sure you’re taking the right steps to keep your teeth and gums healthy according to professional advice, but also to sort out any small problems which might become big issues while you’re away. Having a toothache on holiday is pretty awful as it is, but expensive emergency dental care while you’re abroad is even worse!

  1. Love Your Lips

The skin on our lips is extra thin and sensitive and can suffer from prolonged exposure to the sun, causing problems later in life, such as oral cancer. An easy and effective solution is to make sure to have a strong SPF lip balm on hand to keep your lips soft and protected!

Remember, taking a holiday from your life doesn’t mean forgetting about your oral hygiene routines! Just remember to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time to ensure that your fun in the sun comes with a sparkling smile!

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