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The Causes and Solutions for Tooth Discolouration

The Causes and Solutions for Tooth Discolouration

Tooth discolouration comes in various shades, but whether your teeth have yellowed or stained brown, they’re not as white as they once were - so what can you do about it? The first important thing to do when you notice that your teeth have discoloured is to find the root cause, which will then help you to find the right solution for your needs. Read on to find out about different factors that can cause tooth staining and discolouration, and what steps you can take to get your teeth back to sparkling white!

The Causes

External Factors

Some of the things which can discolour our teeth are under our control while others aren’t. Many of the things we eat and drink unfortunately have staining effects on our teeth, and these include daily habits such as tea, coffee, tobacco, wine, and even potatoes! Medications, too, can have an effect, such as antihistamines or blood pressure medications - it may not be possible to stop taking these, but they might still cause staining as a side effect! Natural high levels of fluoride in your local water supply can also discolour your teeth. Another external factor which may not occur to us is our daily brushing routine! Brushing and flossing are essential for keeping your teeth clean from the acids and sugars that break down the enamel on the surface of our teeth and for keeping plaque from forming in the spaces between teeth.

Intrinsic Factors

Not everything that causes staining and discolouration comes from outside causes. Some discolouration of the teeth may occur due to genetics, diseases, or even the natural passing of time! If you have naturally thinner or duller enamel due to genetics, there may be different routes for you to take to achieve whiter teeth. To get a better understanding of any intrinsic factors that may be affecting your tooth colour or health, make an appointment with your dental professional for a consultation.

The Solutions

Maintain a Consistent Routine

This simple step can make a huge difference in your overall dental health and aesthetic. Make sure you’re brushing and flossing twice a day using a good quality toothbrush, ensuring that you change your head when the bristles start to splay. Maintaining your quotidian oral hygiene routine can dramatically reduce your chances of staining and discolouration!

Consider Whitening

If you have tried various paths but still haven’t achieved the sparkling whiteness of your dream teeth, you might consider taking the whitening route! Whether you choose to do this at home or in-office, be sure to have an initial consultation to check whether whitening is the right choice for your teeth - if you have underlying problems it may just be a costly waste of time! Always make sure that you run any big decisions regarding your teeth past your dentist to ensure their safety throughout any treatments! If you’re thinking about whitening but not sure if it’s for you, check out our previous blog for more information!
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