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Tooth Whitening: Things to Think About Before Taking the Plunge

Tooth Whitening: Things to Think About Before Taking the Plunge

With more and more safe and effective tooth whitening treatments on the market, a sparkling, white smile is now more accessible than ever! But is it right for you? As with any procedure or treatment, though it may be safe, it’s still important to make sure you know exactly what you’re in for before taking the plunge. Read on to find out what important things there are to consider before applying whitening treatments to your teeth, whether at home or in-office with your dental health professional!

Stay Safe, Stay Smart

Whether you choose to have your teeth whitened at home with a kit or in-office by a dental professional, be sure to book yourself a consultation with your dental professional to discuss what’s right for you! The better informed you are, the happier you will be with the results - setting high expectations without a proper understanding of the process can lead to disappointment, so you’re always best off doing your research and finding what will work best for your teeth. Sonisk Smile offers an affordable, professional teeth whitening service established by World’s Top 100 Doctors in Dentistry.

Take Time

Whatever the current shade of your teeth, whitening takes time. Depending on whether you decide to DIY your whitening or have it done professionally, results can take anywhere between two to six weeks to be noticeable - either way, it’s never going to be immediate! And since it’s not possible to go from yellow today to sparkling white tomorrow, take the time you need to do your research and decide which route is best for you! As with almost anything, it’s better done slowly and right than hastily and badly.

Relative Shade

Remember that true perfection doesn’t exist - and that this is true for tooth whitening, too! The very best professional whitening will only ever take you to the whitest that your individual teeth are able to go. Avoid disappointment by consulting with a dental professional to gauge what shade you can realistically achieve.

The Hard Work Comes Later

Whitening your teeth is not a one-off permanent solution, no matter how you go about it. Although the whitening process does a bulk of the work for you, the maintenance after treatment is the most important thing to ensure that you keep your pearlies white - and this is entirely up to you! Make sure you commit to follow all advice on aftercare to the letter to keep your teeth white for as long as possible between treatments.

To Whiten or Not to Whiten

Remember that what you choose now doesn’t have to be set in stone forever - if you have done your research and decided to take the plunge with whitening, go for it! If you’re still unsure or think it might be something to do down the road, you can still take steps to ensure your teeth stay as white as possible for now! Whatever you choose, remember to maintain a consistent routine of brushing with a good quality toothbrush and flossing twice a day!

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