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The Tooth Fairy: Just For Kids?

The Tooth Fairy: Just For Kids?

Do you remember a time when losing a tooth was a cause for celebration and led to certain financial success? Those were the days! But although the glory days of childhood oral healthcare are long gone, the good habits we formed in those precious formative years continue to help us to have healthy teeth and gums in the present. Parents aim to instil a consistent routine for young children as early as possible so that it becomes a regular part of life, and this is achieved by good discipline, strong guidance - and fairy tales. Specifically, Tooth Fairy tales!

Stories of the Tooth Fairy help children to feel less fearful of losing milk teeth, and soften the distress of an uncomfortable situation by rewarding courage. But as the years go by and we pass into adulthood, although we (hopefully!) retain our good oral hygiene habits, the rewards tend to fall away. However, with so many adults suffering from dentophobia, otherwise known as fear of the dentist, and so many more potential oral health issues as we age, the rewards for looking after our teeth should get bigger, not smaller! Read on to find ideas for how to self-reward as an adult for strong oral hygiene!

Track Your Progress

Once you have your oral hygiene routine set, try recording your achievements, even if just in quick note form. Did you brush for 2 minutes each time you brushed this week? Gold star! Did you floss and use alcohol-free mouthwash each time you brushed your teeth this month? Cause for celebration! Try and think of your regular oral healthcare maintenance as more than just a boring part of your daily routine and acknowledge yourself for having put in the time and effort for important self-care!

Good and Bad Both

Whether you’ve managed to floss regularly for a month or cracked a tooth whilst chewing on ice, you can choose to view any dental event as a cause for self-reward! If you’ve managed to consistently do something essential but tiresome in your routine, try gifting yourself a piece of dental hygiene kit to encourage yourself to continue! Fancy mouthwash or one of our Sonisk Pulse portable sonic toothbrushes are perfect for this, because they encourage you to continue with your routine while jazzing up your tools - and without breaking the bank. Or, if you suffer from some issue or pain, go to your dentist as usual to remedy the problem - and then treat yourself to a tasty sugar free snack, or an hour off for your favourite activity!

Pay Your Dentist a Pleasant Visit

If you’re trying to encourage yourself to create and maintain a strong oral hygiene routine, consider discussing this with your dentist to find out exactly what your individual oral needs. Remember that whatever treatments you do are only benefiting your oral health, and encourage yourself to take this step via self-rewarding! 

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