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A Guide to Brushing Your Teeth When Camping

A Guide to Brushing Your Teeth When Camping

As soon as good weather hits we’re all rushing to get out of the house to enjoy the outdoors, and there’s no easier and cheaper way to take full advantage than a good camping trip! With verdant landscapes and glorious lungfuls of fresh air, the U.K countryside has a lot to offer to city-weary and country-dwelling folk alike! That said, camping does have one well-known downside, which is that it’s not usually the cleanest experience. Even if you manage to bypass heavy mud, there are still natural elements (dust! dirt! grass!) which are likely to get you grimey, not to mention the lack of proper shower facilities - anyone who has ever used a portaloo or brushed their teeth with a water bottle by a tent will know this all too well!

From storage solutions to handy wipes, there are many great solutions to keeping yourself and your belongings clean and tidy whilst adventuring in the great outdoors - but how can you maintain a good, hygienic oral health routine? Read on to find out how to keep the environment and your teeth and gums healthy and happy!

Consider Natural Alternatives

People often say “leave no trace,” and the slimy toothpaste we spit into the bushes while camping certainly comes under this category. If you usually use a regular fluoride toothpaste, consider switching to a more eco solution, such as baking soda or activated charcoal, so that you can keep your mouth and environment clean at the same time! Remember to brush gently if you do use toothpaste alternatives as they can be more abrasive than typical toothpastes. And if you’re unconvinced by this and still want to use your regular toothpaste - just know that insects love mint, and will flock to it!

Forgot Your Toothbrush?

Use a twig! The most ancient and simple way to clean the surface of your teeth, simply grab a small twig and chew on it until the ends fray! This one might not be the most flavoursome of options, but it’s a great solution if you find yourself in a pinch!

But Also… Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush!

Though it might be easy to forget when you’re not specifically thinking about your evening routine, a toothbrush is an essential part of your toiletry kit when camping, and small enough that it won’t add extra weight to your baggage. While a regular manual toothbrush does the trick, a portable electric model will give your teeth a more complete clean. Check out our portable Sonisk Pulse sonic toothbrush, which not only runs on AA batteries, avoiding the need to find a socket to charge up, but also comes with a travel cap to keep your bristles dirt-free!

For more tips for maintaining your hygiene whilst camping, check out our previous blog on keeping fresh at festivals - though camping may be a quieter and calmer endeavour, it has all the same environmental factors as kipping in a tent at a festival!

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