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What Can Result From Poor Oral Hygiene?

What Can Result From Poor Oral Hygiene?

Oral hygiene is essential to your health and wellbeing. By not looking after your teeth and gums you can increase the risk of oral diseases. These diseases can then be linked to diabetes, pregnancy complications, and heart attacks, for example. As a result, maintaining good oral hygiene is critical.

Here are five concerns that can arise from poor oral hygiene:

An Increase In The Risk Of Disease

When we have gum disease, bacteria that form in our mouth will enter our bloodstream and cause illness. A protein is then released that will thicken the blood within the body. This thicker blood increases the risk of clotting and deprives the heart of the nutrients and oxygen it needs, the result could be an increased risk of a heart attack.

Blood vessel inflammation is linked to gum disease, which can obstruct blood flow to the brain, potentially resulting in a stroke. When gum inflammation is not dealt with correctly, this can affect the bloodstream. Over time, it is believed to slowly damage blood vessels and obstruct the flow to the brain, potentially resulting in a stroke.  

People with diabetes have an increased risk of developing gum disease. Poorly managed blood sugar levels can cause damage to nerves, blood vessels, the heart, the kidneys, the eyes, and the feet. In the same way, the gums can too be affected. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can cause levels of glucose to rise in the saliva and this creates a breeding ground for bacteria, increasing the risk of gum disease and dental decay.

It Can Affect Your Overall Health

Aside from diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, there are other health complications caused by poor oral hygiene, such as pregnancy complications. Due to bad oral health in pregnancy, women can experience premature delivery, low birth weight baby, pre-eclampsia, gingival tissue ulcerations, pregnancy granuloma, gum disease, loose teeth, a dry mouth, and increased dental erosions.

 It is therefore particularly important to keep your teeth and mouth clean to help reduce your risk of developing health problems. To maintain good oral health and hygiene, it's also a good idea to schedule routine dental checkups every six months.

Can Cause Tooth Loss

For both children and adults, tooth loss is a common dental problem. Bad oral hygiene is one of the many causes of this because of plaque accumulation from serious tooth decay or gum infection.

Plaque can be reduced by brushing and flossing on a regular basis so as to ensure that plaque and tartar are removed from hard-to-reach teeth and gum lines.

Can Increase The Risk Of Cancer And Dementia

We are more likely to reduce our risk of certain cancers, especially in women, as well as certain types of dementia, if we keep our teeth and gums healthy.

According to studies, people with a history of gum disease are 14% more likely to develop cancer. The study looked at data from 65,000 postmenopausal women between the ages of 54 and 86. One of every three of these women developed breast cancer, and the incidence of lung cancer, oesophageal cancer, gallbladder cancer, and skin cancer was also significantly increased.

People with stable gums are also 70% less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than people who have had gum disease for a long time.

Alter Our Appearance

Bad breath is a common symptom of gum disease and tooth decay. It can be both embarrassing and unattractive and is caused by an accumulation of plaque, a symptom of gum disease and tooth decay.

Tooth staining is a common occurrence that can affect our appearance as a result of normal wear and tear, such as smoking or consuming a lot of tea, coffee, or red wine. Stained teeth are rarely harmful, and they have no effect on our dental health, but they can make us feel self-conscious.

To be confident with your appearance and for a healthy smile, you must practice good oral hygiene every day. Keeping your teeth plaque-free can help you smile with confidence. Practicing good and proper hygiene is a good investment not just for your teeth but for your overall well-being.

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