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Are Electric Toothbrushes Worth It?

Are Electric Toothbrushes Worth It?

When it comes to essential oral hygiene, it is recommended by dentists to brush your teeth at least twice a day with a good toothbrush. A suitable toothbrush will help remove the build-up of plaque from teeth and gums, preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

Both electric and manual toothbrushes are effective at removing oral plaque, but with electric toothbrushes being more expensive than a manual toothbrush, are they worth it?

The benefits of an electric toothbrush

A decrease in plaque

Due to the vibrations or rotations that an electric toothbrush provides, studies have found they can be more effective at removing plaque from teeth. The bristles can get into those hard-to-reach places in the mouth that a manual toothbrush may miss, for example, the back of the mouth.

Improves your oral hygiene

The key to great brushing is doing it gently and for long enough, and systematically cleaning the inside and outside surfaces of all your teeth. This is where an electric toothbrush can have the edge over a manual one, as it can help you get an even clean across your whole mouth and help you to focus on your oral hygiene, with less effort.

Fun for kids

Not all children are interested in brushing their teeth, and this can pose a challenge. An electric toothbrush is more engaging and thus more fun when it comes to brushing twice a day. Starting children young with good oral hygiene habits can help them protect their teeth throughout their adult life. Some electric toothbrushes will have age restrictions on them, so just check beforehand. 

Removes the struggle

If you have limited mobility due to arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other conditions that make brushing your teeth painful, then an electric toothbrush can help ease the pain. The good thing about an electric toothbrush is that it does most of the hard work for you.  

If you have braces, you may find it difficult to brush your teeth properly with a standard toothbrush. An electric toothbrush can help make it much easier for you and can help you maintain good oral health and reduce plaque levels. 

While electric toothbrushes were once a pricey luxury, as technology has developed, the cost of having an electric toothbrush has become even more affordable. 

Battery-powered toothbrushes such as Sonisk electric toothbrushes available for as little as £9.99. Given the discussed advantages of electric toothbrushes, having one is an excellent investment and could really benefit the health of your mouth. All at the push of a button.

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