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Portable Oral Hygiene Products For When On The Go

Portable Oral Hygiene Products For When On The Go

Maintaining oral hygiene can seem challenging when you are camping or hiking, and it can be just as tricky when you are spending the day on an airplane or other means of travel. Regardless of your plans, whether it is your suitcase or handbag, follow our guide to sharing the perfect essentials for oral hygiene when on the go.

Portable Electric Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is critical to your dental health, so you will not want to leave home without a toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes tend to do a better job than manual brushes at removing plaque and cleaning between your teeth, but a full-sized brush might be too large and bulky for your suitcase. Instead, pack a portable electric version like the Sonisk Pulse. This is the perfect item to bring with you when travelling as it is lightweight, has a 90 day battery charge, and comes in a protective case.

Travel Size Mouthwash

If you are not bringing a full tube of toothpaste and toothbrush, mouthwash is the next best thing. Forgo the family-sized bottle and bring travel size. This will be easier to pack, a quick swish is all you need to feel freshened up.

Travel Toothpaste

To accompany your electric toothbrush, you can take along a travel-size tube of toothpaste. Toothpaste aids in the prevention of gingivitis and tooth decay, which in turn can lead to several other dental issues. Toothpaste helps to leave your mouth and breath feeling fresh after brushing. You do not need to bring your full-sized items when you are on the go as they can be bulky in your travel bag.

Dental Floss

Along with brushing, regular flossing is important no matter where you are in the world. Instead of carrying around a bulky container of dental floss, consider taking along a small floss compact instead. These devices are discreet, so you can use them for flossing daily and removing food from in between your teeth. 

Dental Picks

Dental picks offer a way to get underneath the wires of braces to clean between the teeth. These plastic tools come in various shapes and configurations, so can depend on what is more comfortable.

Proxa Brush

Short for interproximal brushes, a proxa brush is like a toothbrush except that the bristles come in a short cone shape. It is a more precise tool than a normal toothbrush so it’s good for cleaning hard-to-reach spots when wearing braces.

Whether you travel for work or leisure, it is important to keep up your oral health routine on the go.

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